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“If you’re reading this… Congratulations, you’re alive. If that’s not something to smile about, then I don’t know what is.”– Chad Sugg

Yeah had to begin with that quote because its perfect for this situation we are in worldwide with the pandemic.  Think about it, alot of people are dying but you are alive. No matter what the situation is on your side, the fact that you are alive alone should be able to put a smile on your face. A symbol of strength and hope for tomorrow.

No matter how bad your situation is, smile and be thankful because someone somewhere is having it worse than you are. Have you ever thought about that?.

Right now as we complain to be tired of staying home, staying indoors,  someone somewhere is stuck in a foreign place longing and waiting to go back home.  A father somewhere, who is also a doctor or a nurse is sleeping in a hotel room afraid to go back home to his newborn baby he has never seen so as to keep her safe from himself, from the virus if he has it.

A child somewhere has lost both his/her parents and has been reduced to being an orphan and now the future looks dim with no one to care for them or comfort them as everyone is grieving about someone they’ve lost in this pandemic.  Where can they run to or shelter themselves for safety? How is life going to be when all this cools down?

The homeless people stuck in the streets with nowhere to go or call home and are Longing for that place you call home that you are tired of being in. They have no one to ask for food as restaurants are closed and no one is outside to give them even just that $1 they used to get when everything was a little bit “normal” for us.

You’re tired or being stuck for months with your spouse or family members? Someone somewhere has lost all of them to the pandemic and is left asking himself or herself questions like “why was he the only one left? Why didn’t he go too?” The despair and loneliness is overwhelming.

If you are with family or stuck with your spouse,  take advantage of this time and make memories together.  You don’t know what tomorrow holds. If you have a roof over your head , a place to call home , be grateful and persevere.

Generally if you are alive and healthy today, it is a reason to smile and be grateful for there’s hope for you for tomorrow!

Just Food For Thought!!

By Rackim

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19 thoughts on “What Averts Your Eyes

  1. This is a very nice post that stirred some feelings of relief, grief and gratitude in me. Thank you for putting these words together to get us to think about the luck we have. I see no judgement in your writing and that makes it so much more powerful. I am indeed so lucky to be alive and at home with the people I love, thank you.

  2. This is so powerful and emotional. It reminds us to be grateful if the little things we take for granted like family and friends. Thanks for reminding us of how lucky we’re. The piece is really uplifting

  3. This was beautiful. Sometimes we focus too much on the bad things that happen to us that we fail to see the other things we are blessed with❤️

  4. This reminds of a story of a young man who complained so much about not having shoes to put on. When he met another man without legs….he stopped complaining about not having shoes and started thanking God for his legs 💪

    1. That must have been an eye-opener for the young man and also a good story to teach people appreciation for thee things we see as normal and take them for granted.

  5. This is so heart stirring and a reminder of what is important.  The question, what averts your eyes, is a soul-searching question.  I am reminded of the saying, I complained because I had no shoes and met a man that had no feet.  While your article addresses many scenarios, it is the picture of the children that really avert my eyes and attention to what really matters.   I worked in a homeless shelter for twenty-one years, so I have witnessed the fear and uncertainty firsthand of those who live on the street.  Thank you for bringing us back to a place of gratefulness.  I think the pandemic has made the saying, we are one paycheck away from homelessness, real to many of us.

    1. Yeah, being one paycheck away from homelessness is unfortunate and does make one think to him/herself how the homeless survive every single day through the cold and hot weather. Makes one appreciate the roof on top of their head. Others have no place to go stay during this lockdown.

  6. What a wonderfully real and uplifting post to read. Thank you for these beautifully written words. I love a reminder to be present in each moment. I am so grateful to be with my children during the lockdown and for every day we are able to make more memories, give, share and love. 

    1. Lol, I know children can be a handful sometimes but I guess those are the moments you will remember most and look back at them laughing happily.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing with us an interesting and excellent article. The principal content of this article is What Averts Your Eyes. It is really pretty that you have demonstrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about my better situation. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like smile life. In the present situation, I am very happy that there can be no better aspect like this for my life than others.

    Finally, I would like to say that I have read and enjoyed your article and I am saddened that there are many more miserable people than me who are in so much trouble. I am also saddened by their grief.

    1. This is a grieving time or a lot of people, many who have lost there loved ones tot the pandemic and from other causes too. Everyone is hopeful that this will calm down and end soon.

  8. Gratitude is powerful. We sometimes get cough up in struggles and goals but we forget to stop and be grateful for life. This pandemic has taught us several things, or it should have. I believe we should live with gratitude in this era post-pandemic. But I also know that human-beings nature is to forget quickly. Let’s see what happens.

    1. It is true human nature is to forget things quickly and there are some people who might not still see anything to be grateful for or people who might have been beaten down and broken that they think there’s nothing to be grateful about. But, there’s always hope

  9. Hey, such a soul lifting and motivation post you have here. When I look back,most of the time, I have just complained about the state of things in the world instead of being grateful and think of how many other people are really having it hard on themselves. I should be grateful and truly make some memories with this little time I have. Thank

    1. You are welcome. Like someone just commented saying it’s in humans nature to forget, I guess we can say that’s why we need a reminder once in a while. Gratitude is a powerful thing.

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