How People You Meet & People Around you Change Your Life

I was talking to one of my older friends and we got into this very interesting conversation. The question was ” If you hadn’t met the people you have so far at any point in your life, would you be who you are today and doing what you are doing?”

People you meet play their roles in your life. Whether good or bad.

Turning Points in Life and Eureka Moments

People we meet can expose us to new things, new beginnings that can be either good or bad and you have the choice to either follow through or not.

I thought about the question my friend asked me and as much as I don’t want to imagine who I would be today had I not met the people I did, I had to. I would probably be working as a writer which I like. Oooh wait, I am writing right now. My Eureka moment was in high school when my English teacher read the creative story I wrote and she cried. She said “If you ever write a book, I would be the first one to buy it. I will read all your work!” I knew I could write but I never really shared it with many people so for me, Mrs.Pekins was that nudge and moment I needed to push myself to pursue that. She was so emotional when she read my assignment titled The Proposal. That further nudged me to write my first book later on called My First Love.

I like writing and am also a curious person. Her question made me realize that I wouldn’t have ventured into the IT world had I not met my uncle and stayed with him. My mind would still be stuck with graphic design which I wanted to do. I am still pursuing that.

When you are surrounded by nurses, they will most likely push you to be a nurse. Your surrounding matters and plays a role to who you become and what you do.

Is It Okay To Break Out Of Your Circle Once In a While?

This is a definite yes for me. Birds of the same feathers flock together. Yes, you have your flock, but if you branch out, meet new people once in a while and expand your circle you will come to learn a lot as long as you keep an open mind.

Don’t be too enclosed in the same circle all the time. You might find your Aha or Eureka moment out there. Just one sentence from someone can inspire you to do something you’d never thought of or can inspire you for the betterment of your life.

Sometimes you find yourself in a flock that you don’t feel like you belong or they are inspiring/ pushing you to do what you want. Understandably, people and different and have different interests. So if you find yourself in such a situation, as long as they are good people and good friends, keep that but also realize that you are not growing there and find where you can grow and spread your roots.

Get yourself out there and do what you do best without letting anyone hold you back. If you good friends around you, they will support you and encourage you. That’s why people around you play a big role in your life whether you like it or not. The choice is yours to put them in mind or not. If they are people full of negativity, realize that and put your distance from them!

Being an immigrant, whoever receives you or hosts you play the key role. Who they introduce you to, what they introduce you to is all you will know until you decide to branch out expand your circle, and see other opportunities.

Be an open-minded person and choose to shape your life for the better!

By Rackim

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6 thoughts on “How People You Meet & People Around you Change Your Life

  1. Hey Rackim! In my life, I have noticed how people shape my personality in one way or another. Sometimes through simple expressions or body movements that I adopt unconsciously, or other times in a more deeply way through ideas that shape my value system. I agree with you that we should interact with new people once in a while. Just by getting to know strangers, you are constantly learning new points of view and ideas that in the end help you mature.

    Thanks a lot for the article!

  2. Aww, I didn’t resist and went over to read The Proposal and also My First Love, parts 1 and 2. The pizza with Prom? written on it was a cool way to convey that message.

    My friend, I am so glad I have discovered your site. You definitely have that touch that connects with readers. Mrs.Pekins was right! Thank you!

    1. 🥰aaaaw, thank you so much for reading my work and am glad you like it.  Now am definitely posting part 3 just for you. Wasn’t sure anyone was following 

  3. Mmmmh… That is it girl. Very good in articulating your message. I too enjoy reading your work.. keep it up.
    I am a writer with my works still hidden,,🙈😂.

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